Exploring Big Data and Tools to Use

I'm working on Big Data recently for academic purposes and below tools were discussed:

  1. ORA
  2. R
  3. Rapidminer
  4. Hadoop
  5. Pig
  6. Hive
  7. Mahout
  8. Spark

There are so many other tools out there too to help with the analysis. I saw this post about which tools should go together. The author used PCA for this. 

For me, I will be using R and Rapidminer. Probably more on Rapidminer since even non-programmers can easily understand this and this is visually helpful. Yet, R is more powerful and most the programmers for Big Data that I know are using R.

This article is for R and Rapidminer integration. I found this from Rapidminer's site too.

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