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September 02, 2016

Good Food, Good Conversation

I like dining with friends. It is another time for me to know them better. Tonight's topic is "What would you be if you haven't chosen the career that you have right now?"


One friend said that she wanted to  be an architect. I've seen her draw and create materials for our Halloween event and she really did it well. My other friend said he wanted to be a lawyer.  Thinking about it, he does well with arguments and explaining the other side of the story which we usually don't see.


For me? I initially wanted to be a lawyer too but I don't do well will arguments. I will just let the other person win to avoid conflict. I would rather live in a Zen village if that's the case. Which now made me realize that I really wanted to write novels, to tell stories and publish book(s). In fact, I wanted to have a public library for kids who don't have access to books. I love books and even if I'm not reading one, just seeing them made me happy. :)


How about you?


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