My So-Called Well-Fitted Slacks and Dealing with Perception

I saw my Black and White Slacks or what I called my "Chef Slacks" not because I am a chef but the pants look like the one they used. It never occurred to me when I bought it last year though. I just thought that it doesn’t look like a boring pants but I haven't got the chance to wear it immediately. I purchased it last year for a project defense but opted for a blazer and skirt instead.

So I wore it today and I'm surprised to see how well it fitted me. The cut seems to be measured to my body. It really look good. The only catch is it look good standing up. My colleagues even noticed it and told me how they liked it and that I should wear more like this.

When we are having our snacks, I sat beside my friends and unbutton my pants. Then the layers are free and the girls are laughing about it when I told them. My goal is to check the clothes that doesn't fit and discard it. Simplify.
So after we are done, I can't seem to button it properly because my layered fats seem to enjoy the freedom and all of us are giggling and throwing jokes. It took a while for me to properly button it and be back to our normal selves. Thanks to my friends who stayed and had fun with me. I said," I will never wear this again. I don't think I will be able to shed some pounds for this pants."

Moral of the story,  we can be so caught up with looking good that sometimes we sacrifice feeling better. We call it "tiis ganda." No matter how difficult it is or how painful, we will go through it just to look beautiful. I'm guilty of this too, especially when I'm attending an event like a wedding, formal dinner, corporate events and definitely when going out with someone special, etc. The reasons are endless. We do this because we are concern with how people perceive us or probably, we wanted to really look great. It may sound bad but the reality is most people treat us better when we look amazing. One of their perception is that since we can afford all these stuff, we have money. And we all know the cliché, "Money is power."

Where am I going with this? This is still a learning process for me but I hope that our reasons to look great is for ourselves, because we care for us and not because of the perception of others. We should look pretty because we feel very good that we do and we don’t have to sacrifice much to do so.

I'll end this with one of my favorite quotes:

“Simplicity is the key of elegance” - Coco Chanel

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