Motivational Monday

The story of Virgilio Culiba was featured before but I’m not aware of it and I just learned about it yesterday when it was featured in ASAP.  He walked for 6 days going to Isabela to see his family. He doesn't have enough money for a fare and he lost his job as a construction worker.  What strike me here is his will to go back home and did it without doing anything bad. Some people would hit rock bottom and will resort to doing evil things but this guy did not. He even picked up plastics along the way to sell. Even in difficult times, he managed to help our environment. Thankfully, he was helped by the rider along the way and got home safely.

This got me thinking, are we as good as them? Do we managed to keep our integrity when we encountered difficulties in our lives? Do we hold on to the hope of being together with our families? Do we help those in need?

Source: ABS-CBN, Bombo Radyo

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