Monday Table Topics

I love amazing conversation over lunch and today is no different. We started with the WEATHER recently, how hot it is and how we manage to come up with fun hashtags like #UnangHugotSaTagInit #HulingHugotSaTagLamig

Pati ba naman ang taglamig nang-iiwan, umaalis ng walang paalam.

Pati ang lamig walang forever.

Kung gaano kabilis dumating, ganun din kabilis ang paglisan

Then we shifted to POLITICS, which I don't have much to say since I don't like it very much. Trending topics are about Sen. Leila de Lima, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre, Sandra Cam and President Rodrigo Duterte.

Next was BOOKS/MOVIES and we are asking around who already watched "My Ex and Whys" since the reviews are great. Then we switched to Fifty Shades and they asked me if I liked the book, which I did minus the uncommon stuff that they were doing and this kind of story is not for the conventional mind. Next, we talked about Dev Patel who starred in Slumdog Millionaire (2008) and one of us is a fan. She recommended us to watch his latest movie, Lion (2016). I remembered him in The Last Airbender as Prince Zuko. Then one of my friends asked why The Last Airbender didn't do well and there's no news that we are aware of for another movie. I will probably post a separate review for this but I expected too much for that movie since I'm a big fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender, the animated series. I even watched The Legend of Korra. Then one of us asked about Twilight and how the movies are compared to the books.  She has great expectations with the prom but got disappointed when she saw the movie. I liked the last movie since it has twist and turns that we never expected. Overall, I really like Twilight. Next is the movie Me Before You which is really great and nobody from us read the book yet which is  I am looking forward when I have time. Last is about the Jollibee commercials last V-day which they urged me to watch so I did and it left me with a big hole in my heart. And so I thought Jollibee is supposed to make me happy. I ended up listening to heartbreaking songs in Spotify afterwards. We spent a great time talking about this part and I might have forgotten some topics to it.

Then, we talked about PARENTING. Not every one of us are parents but we had our fair share of dealing with kids and teens. One of us shared the story of entitled kids and how it all comes back to parenting and how allowing kids to have what they want early on affects their entitled behavior as they grow older. We shared funny stories how back on our days, even if we cried and cried, we won't get all the stuff that we want and how we have to earn it and respect who provided it for us. I'll quote what she said, "Taking care of our things are way of showing respect to those who give it to us."

Lastly, we discussed about SIMPLIFICATION. "Less is more". This is a tough topic but since this year, this is one of our common objectives, we may learn something from it. For me, I somewhat started it and read lots of articles. I even bought a book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing" by Marie Kondo. I haven't read much but I'm really looking forward to doing more as I go through the chapters. Also starting today, I will migrate all my posts to this blog so more diverse topics will be seen here but at least I am just using one for all. Simplify :)

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