Cafe France Breakfast

For someone who needs a big breakfast when you are around Valero, Makati, I think Cafe France is a good option.

The Beef Tapa with 2 eggs are fulfilling for P175. I have to order for a Cafe Latte with 2 shots of Espresso since I only have 2 hours of sleep and this day has been a challenging one. Thankfully, this meal was so worth it.

The area was crowded with nearby employees and I'm sure even Burger King and Jollibee were crowded as well. If you need solitude during lunchtime, don't expect it much from here. The customers will have to share the table with one another or you can try the tables outside which is not an issue for me since I can eat where ever :)

I'm just glad that I've chosen the right meal for this critical day.

How's your Cafe France experience?

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