Thoughts on Social Media

I guess the current generation is very addicted to online social media, I am too. That's why I decided to deactivate my Facebook, Instagram, Viber and other messaging apps. Then removed games from my mobile phones. They are counterproductive for me specially during important deadlines.


I'm not able to notice how long that lasted, probably more than a month. And I'm able to get the expected result, to focus more on important things. I don't have the need to check my phone every single minute for whatever updates. I don't need to worry on why I spent lots of time checking my feeds.  I don't have to post about anything to prove that I am breathing or that I am still alive. I felt free of judgment and the fear of missing out on something less important. I am me.


Apparently, there is still the need to be connected online. Like the need to be updated for our assignments or projects or to check on your BFF who is so far away.  Or to show support for your friend who is going through something. There might be countless reasons, but what matters is knowing which is important.


Maybe we need to be disconnected sometimes to realize or to appreciate the meaning of being connected and to value our time more.


What do you think?

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