Moodle for Students

I'm currently using Moodle and for around 6 months I'm still trying to learn how to use it. Probably I need to use it more often to familiar myself.

I learned that's the easiest way to understand an application is by reading the Help page. It contains a lot of information. Sadly, fewer people bother to actually read it. Well, it seems that I cant see any Help option for Moodle or probably it's a limitation for my current login? I'll check this one further. For now, let's park it.

So far, I have below tips for students using Moodle. I'm sure there are lots for instructors out there.

  1. Calendar
    • You can sync the Moodle Calendar to Google Calendar.
    • From the calendar, hover over and you will see the scheduled tasks, assignments, deliverable or exams.

  2. Date & Time/Due
    • Compare your time to Moodle's time. Same with the date
  3. Messaging
    • Private Messaging is available. 
    • Just ensure to set the notification methods for incoming messages too.
    • You can set the "Beep when popup notification is displayed" as well.
    • Check the message navigation to see your classmates for a particular course. Online status will be indicated.
    • You can add the student or instructor to your contacts for quick access.

  4. Assignments/Laboratories/Projects
    • Configure alerts for assignments. 
    • I enabled Popup when I'm online and email notification
    • Submit before the due date and time. Some don't allow late submissions.
  5. Exams/Quiz
    • Make sure #2 is done
    • Take note of the time limit. Check the counter.
    • Review thoroughly.
    • Submit prior to time limit
    • Some exams can be location specific and can't be taken remotely
  6. Courses
    • Important details are at the top. Make sure to check it out.
    • Check out the course syllabus and instructor contact information 
    • Some instructors set the week schedule ahead of time, The current week will be highlighted when you access the course.
    • Take note of the small modules in the right side below the calendar like the latest news and upcoming events

  7. Course Materials and Lectures Section
    • Check this from time to time for the needed materials
    • Some instructor upload the materials ahead of time
    • Best to download all the uploaded materials and lectures for offline access
  8. Forums
    • There are different forums like the news forum and common discussion forum
    • Check out the news forums for the course too
  9. Site news
    • Take note of this since announcements from admin are posted like if you will be able to access your old files, etc
  10. Grades
    • Current Course> Under Administration>Course Administration>Grades>
    • 2 views: User report(detailed breakdown of the selected course ) and Overview Report (for the current courses)
    • The course total and percentage will give you an idea of your current grade.
I'll update this as needed since I'm still using it and I might learn few tips and tricks along the way :)

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