A Roller Coaster Day

I know, we all have that one day that turns your world upside down. Today is that one for me.

My morning definitely sucked. I have three phones and none of them was useful enough to get me a ride. I woke up early but the universe probably conspired to make my morning not so great. I ended taking a trike and waking to work. I saw someone’s car and I’m not sure if I heard the beep so I just continued walking and contemplating why things turned out this way. Thankfully, I’m wearing a white long sleeve that even though I smelled like sunshine, I still look decent.

I checked my mail and OMG! I’m so happy and hopefully things will turn out as I am praying for. I can’t remember how many times I prayed for this. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed.

Then came afternoon, it’s Payday and most likely it will be credited by EOB. Many are waiting for it actually. Budgeting and just enjoying a short virtual moment that they can see the money before it is gone for good. I’m dreading every minute of it.

Then shopping! My vice and my happiness. Since I’m saving for next semester’s tuition fee and for the upcoming event, I’d been saving lately. I even have a bottle coin with P5 and P10 in it which is almost full now. Then I’m trying to save P20 and P50 bills.  I’m so excited to deposit this.  So back to shopping, there’s a 50% off sale for Havaianas. Exactly, what I needed now. I ended up buying 1 pair of flip-flops, rubber sneakers and Bensimon Tennis Mid Homme. Yey!!! :)

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