I tried…


There are moments in our life that we are too afraid to know the answer and sometimes we don’t have the luxury of knowing it because we are just too afraid.
I’m in this phase that I tend to overlook things and I’m trying to simplify my life by categorizing everything and removing or ignoring the things that don’t matter. Time is precious and these clutter can just make me insane.
So there is this one person who amidst all the chaos in my mind, slowly pique my curiosity. Why am I concerned? Because I was too curious and I always wondered what it would be like.  I don’t have much time to waste and for me to eliminate another clutter in my mind, I need to understand.
So I did what would another curious kid would do, I tried. It was one morning when I usually had coffee and my crazy mind couldn’t comprehend much but would only respond to a smile. I wondered if the other person could make me smile, so I tried to have a nice talk. Having a face to face conversation with this person made me realized that this is just absurd. There’s nothing to it for me, no magic at all.  Yes flattery can be a beginning but sometimes that’s just about it.  I can now move on with my life knowing that I tried to know the answer and I did. Maybe he will too.
I may be a hopeless romantic and this is not my happy ending. Nevertheless, I tried.


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