The first time I heard her name, I was curious. I wonder what kind of person she is. Is she here to stay?  Will I like her? Will she like me? Will she broke my heart?

A new post was available and I’ve met 4 people already who were in that role. It can be exciting and challenging at times. It requires patience. Yes, patience to stay, grow and see yourself teaching a lot of people from different walks of life. Then, she came. And I instantly know she is great.

We hit it off and amazingly have a lot of things in common. She tells me stories when we are sad. We were totally heartbroken and both cried over Derek.  She made me go camping even if it is not my thing because she knows that I would love it. She challenged me over random things and it ignites me. She buys me meds when I'm not able to. She cooks for me because we both know my cooking sucks. She pulls me to the ground when I'm floating and picks me up when I stumble.

When I look at her, I see a woman who exudes with beauty and wisdom, appreciates art, speaks up her mind with conviction and though she tries to hide it, has a loving heart.

She inspires me.  To be better... To do more, be more. To read a lot, learn a lot. To be effortlessly beautiful, even when waking up with messy hair and tantalizing eyes. To understand what it is like be on the other side of the bridge. To be who you are no matter what other people would want you to be. And to love,  be gentle and forgive yourself.

To an amazing friend, Happy Birthday Barbra!!!


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