I've decided to post again about something that I am thankful for. My BFF Eda posted about her gratitude list before and I realized that I would feel wonderful if I do the same too. Besides, since there are a lot of things going on, it is nice to know that you are blessed.

For today, I would say that I am thankful for the generous friends that I have. They have a huge heart in helping not only me but others as well. I'm grateful to have crossed paths with them.

I have my siblings and sisters by heart who are always there no matter what and I cannot thank them enough. We've been through thick and thin. We've shared lots of tears and laughter too. I am humbled by the time that they allot to make sure that we can talk and listen to each other without any judgement. I value their advice and I know that they wanted the best for me as I want it for them too.
To my BFFs, I'm not sure what I did right to deserve all of you :) Merci!!!

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