Happy Tummy, Happy Friends

I'm back to my gratitude posts and today I'm really happy because of the yummy food from my friends. When I'm not hungry, everything else seems just fine :)

This morning, I saw my usual breakfast from Yeng which is garlic rice, hotdog and sunny side up egg. I love breakfast! During weekends, I would really try to cook breakfast if I have ample time or if I'm not lazy. It doesn't matter if it's lunch time already, I would still try to cook 1 set for breakfast and 1 set for lunch. Hahaha.

Also, I saw rice krispies from Japan c/o Ken. Yey! Then during lunch time, Ate Lei gave some chocolates and Barbie prepared Liempo Sisig last night and it's delicious. She is a great cook, my Chef Barbie hahah. And she bakes too! Isn't that wonderful? So I got to taste her Red Velvet Brownies and they are amazing. So for orders, contact me OK? :)

Lunch time is my time to mingle around with my friends in the office. We share stories, tips, jokes and mostly, we share food hahaha which make us all very happy. Since I can't cook well, I always have a disclaimer about my baon. Sometimes we would play a game to guess what I am trying to accomplish and what kind of ulam it is. Example would be my adobo that tastes like asado or pork streak. Or my sopas that tastes like baked mac. Very funny hahah.

Thinking about all of these make me smile and I'm thankful not only for the yummy food but for the amazing company that came with it.

How about you? What are you thankful for today?

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