A Reading and Writing Project

I just came across my vast collection of books, e-books and my drafts. I love reading and writing to the point that I can't think about anything else. Sometimes, I wonder if I have chosen the right field of specialization. But then I know that this is what I love and turning this to a job would mean it would probably lose its magic to me. Either that or I would be totally broke. Then my own amazing world will vanish into thin air. 😕
So, since I have all these available resources, why not take advantage of it? Learn more, understand more, be more. I compared watching movies or TV series to reading and I can retain more details when I read it rather than watching it. Plus, I am a visual person. I learn more when I see it. 📖 
That is why I decided that I need to read more and write more. So probably one of these days I will be posting a book review. 😀

Do you want to feel the passion of reading and appreciate other writes too? Check out this TED talk.

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