Letting Go of Things and Keeping it Simple

Well I’m really talking about spring cleaning but it can also apply to letting go of things in general.

I’m sorting my things and I told my friend that I felt disorganized because even if I try my best to put everything in its place, it is still a mess. He said, “It’s because you have a lot of things.”

Hmmm, it made me thinking. He is definitely right. Sometimes we are just very caught up with buying the things that we don’t really need until they all pile up and it’s just too much to handle. Same with life, we focus our energy on those small things that we thought it doesn’t matter because they are just petty things. Until later on, our time is wasted with those so called “petty things” that we don’t accomplished anything meaningful.

I looked at my things and felt strong emotional attachment to them. Same with the events in our life, we cherish them. Sometimes we even enjoy the agony of unfortunate events, we relieved them over and over again in our memories. Everything has an end and beginning, even with things, even with love and life. It has been a constant struggle to accept what has been and let it go. Besides, if we learn to let go, we are saving a space for something special.

Keep it simple. Having simple things, events or memories doesn't mean they are really that simple. It means they are so special that you end up keeping them. 

Stick to the basics.  We can never argue with basic and classic things. Just keep in mind what is essential. Let go of the things that is not worth of your time, money and effort. It is liberating.

I’m just really talking about my messy space here but if you are able to relate it to your life experiences, I hope you find this post useful J

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