New Adventures

More than a year has passed when a life turning event happened. Many people asked if I regret it, my answer is NO. Why? It is simply because that if not for that event, I would not be the person that I am right now.

I would not be open to new adventures. I would probably be too tired to travel. I was able to travel alone, face my fear, learn new languages, tried tree drop, canopy ride, skywalk, snorkeling, surfing, camping, spelunking, trekking and skiing. I was able to make ends meet, gaze at the sunset, party all night to morning, wake up & appreciate the sunrise, interact with the locals, get to know different culture and histories, freeze to a very cold weather, play in snow, experience amazing food and go to places that I have never imagined. Travelling changed me. It humbled me because I realized how amazing God is to create such beautiful places and to be able to have a chance to meet people from different walks of life. It made me feel how blessed I am. It made me find myself again. 

With this, I will be ready to try new adventures again. This coming August will be a blast. I will be moving to a new apartment with my friend B, enroll for graduate studies and probably meet more amazing people along the way. It is quite scary and exciting at the same time! 

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