Happy 18th TMR!

Happy 18th Anniversary! 

Monster Radio RX 93.1's The Morning Rush radio show was introduced to me by my friend Sheryll who loves funny and intellectual conversation. Almost everyday during lunch break we discussed the days's Top Ten and our friends were also sharing their thougts about the topic which is really exciting. I ended up buying their books. Sometimes people might think that I'm crazy because I'm laughing by myself when I was reading their books and listening to their podcasts. I gave the books to my BFF Eda in UAE since she missed PH so much and a big fan of TMR too! 

My sister and I got the chance to meet the Kikay Barkada during the Grand EB at Trinoma this year and it was really super fun! 

When things are unbearable, all I have to do is to listen to this show and life seems brighter. Thank you so much!

Checkout the adorable pics below:

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