ATM Card Skimming strikes again

I heard this card skimming before and it appeared in TV since many people are affected not only here in the Philippines but in other countries too. Precautions and ATM security measures were done as reported. I just cant imagine that until now, this is still happening.

I know 2 people who were affected by this recently and it is not a good experience so to speak. Person 1 just let it pass since small amount was involved. Person 2 however is now having a difficult time with BDO since they don't believed that this is not a thief. The account is still active but the card was blocked. The bank said that this is still under investigation. Apparently, Person 1 and Person 2 usually both withdraw from BPI ATM in PRC Makati area and that machine has no pin cover.

Hopefully this issue should be addressed and we should all be very careful.


My mother ended up having a new account number since the old once was put on hold. For the missing money, well that wasn't returned since according to their investigation that those were valid withdrawals. Since she doesn't want to bother herself much about this issue, she just let this slide. If it was me, I would really make sure that it was handled properly.

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