13 Amazing Facts About Smartphone Use Around The World

1. Android is most popular in Japan, with 55% of respondents using it,

versus 39% for iOS. Android is also number one in a few other

countries, including New Zealand (41%), the US (40%), and China (38%),

but it does not dominate in any other surveyed country except

Argentina (33%, vs 18% for number-two Blackberry).

2. iOS is farthest ahead in Switzerland, with 52% usage vs. 23% for

Android. Other countries where iOS is way ahead include Australia (49%

vs 25% Android), Canada (45% vs 23% Android and 23% Blackberry), and

France (43% vs 25% Android).

3. In Egypt, Windows Mobile is way more popular than the iPhone. 13%

of survey respondents use the Microsoft smartphone platform, behind

Symbian (19%) and Android (14%). iOS was way down at 4%.

4. In the United Arab Emirates, the Blackberry rules with 42%. iOS was

a distant second at 25%.

5. More than half (52%) Chinese respondents said they use a smartphone

because they can use it "without being seen easily." That was also a

big driver in Egypt (43%), Mexico (41%) and Brazil (39%).

6. Japanese users had the most apps on average, with 41. Saudi Arabia

was second with 36.

7. Mobile social networking is biggest in Mexico and Argentina, where

74% and 73% of users visit a social network daily.

8. But mobile-social is weak in Japan where 34% of users never visit a

social network on their phone.

9. Watching video is most popular in Saudi Arabia, with 59% of

respondents doing it daily. Number-two is Egypt, with 41%.

10. They're really good at ignoring ads in the U.K. 50% of respondents

said they noticed ads "never" (16%) or "rarely" (34%).

11. Chinese users shop from their phones. 59% of Chinese users did

this, compared with only 41% in second-place Egypt.

12. Chinese users also love to write reviews. 41% of them wrote a

review of a local business after looking it up on their smartphone.

Number two, Japan, was way behind, with only 24% of respondents doing


13. North Americans use their phones to search for restaurants and

bars. Exactly 50% of respondents in both the U.S. and Canadian

respondents said they used their phone to search for grub or drinks.

SOURCE: http://articles.businessinsider.com/2012-05-15/research/31709253_1_ios-smartphone-respondents

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