Friendship matters

Friendship matters.

This week has been a challenge for me. I was doing all sorts of stuff and weighing activities and opportunities at the same time. However today, it hit me real hard that there are important things in our life that we tend to overlook like friendship.

I know a lot of people but I only have few close friends because I wanted to be able to give them quality time as much as I could like what happened this Friday. I met with my sisters Eda and Elaine. I truly love them so much because they are the kind of friends that accept me for who I am and for whom I am not. 

However, I miss my college friends. We’ve been through a lot and they are always there for me especially when I needed them. Yesterday was Charm and Obet’s wedding and I am deeply sorry that I wasn’t able to attend because of our Team Building. I have to be honest and say that though the event is alright, I should have never failed to be with my friends on that special occasion. I am really sad about it…

At the end of the day, I realized that I love my dearest friends so much...

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