Monito Monita 2011

It has been one of the Christmas traditions to do gift giving like Kris Kringle or Monito Monita. This year we had the following:

Week 1: Something Unique and Hairy

I got this cute little puppy. I like it a lot because it can walk forward and backwards! It is battery operated and her eyes have the yellowish glow when powered on. Thanks Rudolf!

I gave Dyanne the purple set of bedroom slippers with eyemask. I added the purple hand sanitizer. She likes it so I’m quite happy.

Week 2: Something Colorful and Naughty

Hahaha this is funny. I gave the Bench pack with the CD frenzy something hahah. Thankfully, the guy who got it is a real sport. I received colorful undies from Rose.

Week 3: Something Useful and Memorable

I received 2 yellowish love mugs from Jayson. She knows me because I always need a mug =). I gave Tong a blue planner. It took me so much time to find something for this category. I was thinking of books, post-its and notebooks too.

We will be having our final gift-giving this December 23 and below is my wish list:

1.       Leadership Gold (John C. Maxwell)
2.       First Things First (Stephen R. Covey)
3.       The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen R. Covey)

Hopefully I will receive any of them hihih =)

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