Trip to Lipa

Im back from blogging hiatus!

Let me share you our super busy trip to Lipa today. Nel needed an off-white or cream slacks for his friends wedding this Saturday. We went to SM Lipa and I was surprised that we cant find slacks with that
color! We saw beige, kakhi, gray,brown and black. Tsk tsk. We ended up buying a pair of white Hang Ten jeans. Hopefully it would look good with a barong tagalog. Oh well.

We saw many people around because today is Bonifacio day. Many took this as a chance to do some Christmas shopping. I cant find anything for our Monito Monita. There are lots of sale items! Who doesnt want sale, right?

We had our lunch at Tokyo Tokyo. Its my first time to eat Prawns and veggies bento. It was yummy. Too bad my allergies got in the way.

Whats shopping without buying supplies or stopping by at National Bookstore? I was able to buy cute stuff again. I like National =)

We are a bit tired after and we dont want to be travelling late so we decided to get home. We still have 2 schedules after. What a busy day!
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