List Of Carbohydrate Foods, Good and BAD

The basic four best sources of good carbs are:

  1. Raw or lightly cooked vegetables found on the healthy vegetables list,
  2. Most whole fresh or frozen fruits, chosen from the healthy fresh fruits list,
  3. Beans, legumes, nuts and seeds - make healthy choices from the bean list,
  4. And high fiber 100% whole grains picked from the healthy list of whole grains.

Besides these high fiber foods, another good carb source is most low fat dairy.

The basic bad carbs list includes:

  1. All candies, jelly and jams,
  2. Sodas, fruit juices, fruit drinks,
  3. Pudding, custards and other sweets,
  4. Processed refined grains, like white rice,
  5. Bread and pasta made with any refined flour,
  6. Cakes, cookies and other sweet bakery products.

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