Phi-Phi Resort, Morong Bataan

I always heard of Bataan but I haven't been there yet. Luckily we had an outing last Saturday at Phi-Phi Resort in Morong Bataan.

I was up as early as 3am since our registration starts at around 4am. I went to the office to help around and enjoyed meeting other co-employees.  Our bus left at around 6:15am since we ensured that everyone is complete and we are the last bus to leave Makati.

While I'm busy checking my stuff, Norman, Bibay, Sharrah and Odette (cam addicts) were busy for their photo sessions in the bus while everyone is asleep. I joined them afterwards =)

It was a long travel and after 3 years, I'm back in NLEX again. I realized that I don’t go to north bound places that often. I went to Pampanga and Bulacan 3 years ago and that was it. During our stop over in SCTEX, the cam addicts wanted to try their photo session along the road and the rice field as their background. I was too sleepy to join them.

We passed Subic and I always like seeing this place clean, even the roads are clean! We passed beautiful houses and resorts too. I wish to visit and spend time in Subic sometime in the future, hopefully soon =).

Our bus got lost and instead of taking the road to Phi-Phi Resort, the bus made a wrong turn and went to Bataan Technology Park. Luckily, the guards are very friendly and allowed us to pass through when our security bus marshal explained that we got lost in our way to the company outing. It was a silver lining in the cloud for our cam addicts. They took the opportunity for another photo session. Hahaha.

We were the last bus to arrived in the resort and it was a sunny day! Super sunny! The parking area is spacious and can accommodate lots of buses. We immediately went to eat and the Food Station is huge. It is good for wedding, birthdays and parties too. The kids enjoyed the pool area in front of the food station. The activity area is spacious too, we have games like patintero, giant jackstones, touch the color and maze. When our lunch is served, we stayed in their nearby large cottages that can accommodate 10 to 15 people.

After sun dipping we surely wanted to rest. All family rooms are air-conditioned with their own comfort room of course. The resort offers different room varieties like Terraza or Island Dorm, Family Villa, Veranda, Superior/ Island Dorm and Cabañas. We saw the Terraza and Family Villa rooms. Terraza has 2 beds, table and chairs, own comfort room, cable TV and comfortable lanai outside the room. For the Family Villa, 2 rooms with 2 beds each, comfort room, kitchen area, dining area, extra beds and spacious lanai with 2 tables. We don’t have much time to check other rooms since it was very hot and irritating even if we applied sunblock.

Aside from the pool, the resort definitely offered the beach area and though I wanted to at least soak in the beach, that wasn't possible. It was freaking hot!!! The sand is hot and I can't get pass the sand to go to the beach heheh. Others ignored the sand and enjoyed the water. 

Bibay and I settled at the Cabaña and have our own photo session. She wanted to try the Nail Spa but the there are many people trying it so we will just avail it in their La Salle Branch. Freebie =)

Of course, we won't go home without a souvenir. I forgot to buy from the resort's shop so Bibay and I bought Bataan key chains instead. I had mine with my name on it. =)

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