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85% of women are annoyed by their Facebook friends

Windows 8: Beta collectors waiting with bated breath for a leak

Snaptu: US court blocks Google book deal

Snaptu: Google keeping Honeycomb source code on ice, says it's not ready for other devices

Snaptu: Record Industry: Limewire Could Owe $75 Trillion – Judge: “Absurd”

Snaptu: Copenhagen airport tracks your every move using WiFi signals

Snaptu: Take A Deep Breath Google, Facebook Isn’t Doing Search Just Yet

Snaptu: gmanews: Online Pinoys boast highest Facebook penetration worldwide

Snaptu: In The Cards: Why Amazon *Has* To Make An Android Device Now

Snaptu: Amazon blocks Lendle e-book sharing service

Snaptu: Google brings check-ins to Google Latitude on iPhone, 30 languages to Places

Snaptu: Russian search engine Yandex expands its PayPal-competitor to CIS countries

Snaptu: Wuala brings its secure P2P online storage to iPhone

Snaptu: Israeli Universities partner with Google for online auction research

Snaptu: Linkedin opens office in France – 2 open positions

Snaptu: Finally! Vouchercloud brings its local discounts to Android

Snaptu: SMS on steroids – eBuddy debuts realtime, cross-platform messaging app

Snaptu: Chinese Phone Maker ZTE Turns Down WP7

Snaptu: Why UK Banks Don't Tweet

Snaptu: Facebook Wedding Photos Result In Polygamy Arrest In Michigan

Snaptu: Ex-Goldman programmer gets 8 years for code theft

Snaptu: Obama administration seeks Internet privacy bill

Snaptu: Internet privacy and the "right to be forgotten"

Snaptu: E-Book sales jump at the start of 2011

Snaptu: NY Times risks losing readers with new pay model

Snaptu: Dutch government seeks to allow online gambling

Snaptu: How to Use Facebook and Twitter From Your Email Client [Social Networking]

Snaptu: FireSSH is a Browser Based SSH Client Written Entirely In Javascript [Downloads]

Snaptu: From the Tips Box: USB iPad Keyboards, Tab Switching, and CyanogenMod Nightlies [From The Tips Box]

Snaptu: Creatively Recycle Your Old Phonebooks [DIY]

Snaptu: Use ScraperWiki to Help Turn Web Pages Into Usable Data [Programming]

Snaptu: iPad magazine Project is free this month, but is it still a waste of money?

Snaptu: Apple's longest-serving employee looks back over 34 years with Steve Jobs

Snaptu: O2 is first to launch 3G services on 2G, boosting speeds and capacity

Snaptu: Windows 8 screenshots flaunt Windows Phone 7 influence

Snaptu: BBC iPlayer now available on 2011 Panasonic TVs with Viera Connect

Snaptu: Nokias can hack banks, car radios get free Sky and more daft tech rumours

Snaptu: CNET UK Podcast 228: Do we have the right to be forgotten?

Snaptu: What is Net neutrality, and what does it mean for you?

Snaptu: Twitter boss on application snub

Snaptu: The next Twitter?

Snaptu: 'Worst song ever' gets 16m views

Snaptu: Facebook twice as popular as porn

Snaptu: New York Times to charge for web

Snaptu: Microsoft aids spammer shutdown

Snaptu: ISPs defend plan for two-tier net

Snaptu: ‘Beatbox’ Bill Gates Takes On ‘Sinista’ Steve Jobs In A Rap Battle (Video)

Snaptu: HTC Thunderbolt hits $175 price point with LetsTalk -- but only for this weekend

Snaptu: Listen Closely: Broadcastr Brings You An Audio Guide To The Whole Wide World

Snaptu: RIP Digg.

Snaptu: PayPal And eBay Users Raise $1M Towards Japan Earthquake And Tsunami Relief

Snaptu: Some Thunderbolt MacBook Pros causing flicker on Cinema Displays, Apple investigates (updated)

Snaptu: Yearly Leaf: “It’s A Coffee Table Book Meets A Moleskine For The Facebook Set!”

Snaptu: Sony crafting VAIOs with Chrome OS, external GPUs and Thunderbolt tech?

Snaptu: Dell offers unlocked Streak for $99 with purchase of a new PC

Snaptu: Fly or Die: The Nintendo 3DS, Rockmelt, And Mobile Wallets

Snaptu: Nanoparticle inks print 3D antennas 'orders of magnitude' better than your boring 2D antenna

Snaptu: How would you change Samsung's Nexus S?

Snaptu: HTC Thunderbolt rooted for real, locked files nearly soured the deal

Snaptu: Microsoft and ASUS show off all the stylish stylus action you can have on an Eee Slate (video)

Snaptu: Permanent anti-fog coating could mean end to steamy specs

ARE YOU READY FOR THE ULTIMATE BUS RIDE with the Total Coca-Cola Experience?

Snaptu: In Preparation For Its “Social Buying” Launch, ‘Facebook Deals’ Get A New Landing Page

Snaptu: Facebook Bans Mark Zuckerberg Action Figure

Snaptu: Adobe Just Made Medialets Its Mobile Ad Server

Snaptu: Lexar now shipping 128GB and 64GB SDXC cards from the future straight to your door

Snaptu: YouTube Continues To Amp Up Its Content Quality, Buys Green Parrot Pictures

Snaptu: Mobile App Users Are Both Fickle And Loyal: Study

Snaptu: Twitter Enables “Always Use HTTPS” Setting

Snaptu: Fix for Apple TV screen flickering issue said to be on the way

Snaptu: Google’s Revamped iPhone App Now Worth Using; Could Be Better Still

Snaptu: inquirerdotnet: Online anonymity icon dislikes Facebook model

Snaptu: Ubisoft music videogame uses real guitars

Snaptu: Internet Explorer 9 gets WebM support with 'preview' plug-in from Google, internet video gets more…

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Where to Go During Earthquake, Save your life with "The Triangle of Life"

Globe unveils new ‘unlimited’ service

Beverage World Magazine Looks Back at 125 Years of Coca-Cola

Snaptu: Hulu for Android coming soon, destined for 'select' phones with Android 2.2?

Snaptu: iPad 2 specs discerned, 900MHz dual-core ARM Cortex A9 and PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU blow away graphical…

Snaptu: Lightbox Photos Wants To Be Your New Android Camera App (SXSW)

Snaptu: From “Businesses” To “Tools”: The Twitter API ToS Changes

Snaptu: (Founder Stories) Stack Exchange CEO: “Nobody Wants To Find Yahoo Answers In Their Search Results”

Samsung Galaxy Tab's WiFi-only version rumored to cost $399, arrive on April 4th

Snaptu: Xoom gets USB host functionality, no thanks to Motorola or Google

Snaptu: Facebook Adds Ability to Easily Tag Others In Comments

Snaptu: Conan and Pee-wee Appearing on Facebook Live From SXSW Today

Snaptu: Facebook Hosts Its First Ever Hacker Cup [PHOTOS]

Snaptu: Top 7 Ways to Save Time on Twitter

Snaptu: Gadget Lab Podcast: Battle of the Tablets, Motorola Atrix and AirPlay

Snaptu: Google's YouTube to boost staff by 30 percent in 2011

Snaptu: Nokia pays Elop over $6 million to move from Microsoft

Snaptu: LimeWire wins limit on damages to record labels

Snaptu: LinkedIn launches social news product

Snaptu: Big crowds greet Apple's iPad 2 in New York

Snaptu: Offering an API? Create Your Own Console With Apigee’s Free API Tool

Snaptu: The New AOL Way: Fewer Employees, Fewer Freelancers, More Arianna

Snaptu: Apple Changes In-App Purchase Policy to Protect Parents’ Credit Cards

Snaptu: L’Oreal Teams Up With Buddy Media To Help Local Salons Market on Facebook

The only permanent thing in this world is change

What would YOU like to see in Windows 8?